Puerto Rico Relief

Puerto Rico has been devastated by Hurricane Maria, and reports from the ground grow worse every day. It has rapidly become a humanitarian crises with food and medical supplies quickly depleting. Most of the island will remain without power for months, forcing everyone (businesses, hospitals, residents) to rely upon generators.

Our fellow Americans need our help now. As a U.S. Territory, Puerto Rico is American soil and residents are American citizens. Eight days to waive the Jones Act to enable much needed supplies to arrive by ship is an outrage to all Americans.

Please consider showing our nation’s leader that we as Democrats support our brothers and sisters in Puerto Rico by donating to one of these relief organizations.

United for Puerto Rico

Hurricane Maria Community Recovery Fund

Direct Relief

As Democrats, we believe in helping the most vulnerable of society. A natural disaster does not discriminate based on age, sex, race, gender, or class. All Puerto Ricans need our aid.