In Sonoma County, we are full of gratitude. We cannot give enough thanks to our first responders, neighbors, and community in coming together to wage an effective and caring response to last month’s catastrophic fires. A special hats off to our elected officials. Even though some of them were evacuated, they responded rapidly to help coordinate our county, state, and federal agencies. In the face of the long and daunting process of rebuilding our community, we are heartened that we can rely on that level of leadership as we move forward together.

The Sonoma County Democratic Party members live, work, and attend school here in Sonoma County. Many of us were evacuated. Some lost homes. All were impacted. During those long days of uncertainty, we turned to our elected officials for leadership. They were there for all of us providing updates on social media, streaming live press conferences, and hosting informational town halls. Most importantly, they are still working to help the displaced find housing, providing help with government claims, and working to clean-up and rebuild Sonoma County.

Thank you for your leadership.