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Edith “Edie” Smith

The Sonoma County Democratic Party honored Edith “Edie” Smith with the

Trowbridge Lifetime Achievement Award in 2017.


Edith Cook Smith has been a fixture in the local Democratic Party for over a decade serving for the fourth district on the governing body of the Sonoma County Democratic Party, and within the Santa Rosa and Windsor Democratic Clubs. She may be best known for engaging volunteers to register voters and staff our annual booth at the Sonoma County Fair. She has been active in the Democratic Party since Adlai Stevenson’s presidential campaign.

Edie was born and raised in Connecticut. Her mother ran a nonprofit adoption service until she became the first woman in the Connecticut State Legislature. Raised by her mother and surgeon father, Edie learned early on that regardless of economic position it was an obligation to care for the less fortunate.

As an elementary school teacher in Windsor for over 30 years, she later shifted to adult literacy where she successfully convinced many of her students to apply for citizenship.

She is particularly proud of the recent progress of our Democratic elected officials and their upward movement. A longtime supporter of Senator Mike McGuire back when he was on the school board, and of Assemblyman Jim Wood when he served on the council.

Citing former California Assembly Speaker Willie Brown, Edie states: “I cannot imagine NOT being a Democrat.”

Edie has been a sturdy rock supporting the activities of the local Democratic Party. We could not be where we are today if not for her persistent support.