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Prior Award Recipients

The Sonoma County Democratic Party honors local Democrats at our Annual Crab Feed.

Below is a list of prior recipients.

Democrat of the Year

Maddy Hirshfield

Phil Harlan

Stephen Gale

Edie Smith

Lynn Hamilton

Don Frank, 2012

Rick Massell, 2013

Val HInshaw, 2014

Marty Bennett, 2015

Jack Buckhorn, 2016

Young Democrat of the Year

Jessica Diaz, 2001

Gabe Kearney, 2005

Jennifer Dawes, 2006

Nick Caston, 2007

Ed Sheffield, 2008

Valerie Minton, 2009

Erin Carlstrom, 2010

Denny Rosatti, 2012

Darin Bartow, 2013

Logan Pitts, 2014

Mike McGuire, 2015

Blake Hooper, 2016

Roberta Hollowell Award

Noreen Evans

Susan Moore

Liz Basile

Bonnie Arthur

Lynn Hamilton, 2013

Cheryl Diehm, 2014

Pat Sabo, 2015

Maggie Fishman, 2016

Trowbridge Lifetime Achievement

Patrica Wiggins

Phil Harlan

Lynn Woolsey, 2013

Guy Connor, 2014

Bill Kortum, 2015

If you or someone you know were honored but not listed above, please email the SCDP.