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Trowbridge Lifetime Achievement

The Trowbridge Lifetime Achievement award is presented to a local Democrat who has dedicated years to the effort to build a stronger and more resilient Democratic Party in Sonoma County.


When W.C. “Bob” Trowbridge stepped down from the Sonoma County Democratic Central Committee in 1988, it marked the end of an era, spanning 38 years. Trowbridge had served the Democratic Party since 1950, spending 22 years as Chairman of the local party. Additionally in 1950, he helped organize Santa Rosa’s first Democratic Club. He began the annual dinner tradition in 1984, known as the Trowbridge Dinner, by having a fundraiser for the Democrats as his birthday party.

He was honored August 15, 1988, at the 5th Annual Trowbridge Dinner with featured his old Democratic ally, former California Governor Edmund G. “Pat” Brown as the speaker. As Trowbridge ended his reign atop Sonoma County politics, he stated, “A balance wheel is always controversial. Still it’s time the county Democrats had new leadership. I’d better move on and let the young ones fight it out. I’ve served the cause.”