Labelrama at HQ!

Labelrama at HQ!

Door Hangers and Slate Card Mailers have arrived and we are ready to label!

We’ve got over 18,000 hangers and mailers to get prepared and out the door.  Candidates have placed their orders and we want to get the door hangers in their hands for canvassing this weekend.  After that, we’ll start our mailing project.  49,000 labels in all…

We welcome you whether you are new to this or veterans of our label parties.  It’s kinda like an old-fashioned envelope stuffing party, but instead, we stick labels on things! This is a community project that our volunteers enjoy while we reach out to voters and help Democrats win in Sonoma County.

This schedule may change depending on how fast it goes!  You can drop in and stay as you can, but if you sign up for a shift, we can message you if we need to keep you up to date on our progress.

Let’s stick it to ’em!