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Central Committee Officers

Sonoma County Democratic Central Committee officers


Laurie Gallian

First Vice-Chair


Second Vice-Chair

Val Hinshaw

Recording Secretary

Corresponding Secretary
Maria Peluso

Don Frank



Standing Committee Chairs

Please contact the SCDP by phone or email to find out about upcoming standing committee meetings.

Candidate Search and
Development Committee

Chair, Blake Hooper

Communications Committee 

Chair, Jennifer Dawes

Finance Committee

Chair, Bill Schauber

Fundraising Committee


Office Committee


Outreach, Advocacy and
Legislation Committee

Chair, Dale Axelrod

Political Organizing

Chair, Deb Dobish

CDP Executive Board Representatives
Stephen Gale


The Sonoma County Democratic Party governing body for term 2017-2021. Delegates to the California Democratic Party were also elected for term 2017-2019. Below is a list by Supervisorial District of the governing body (*denotes CDP delegate, **denotes CDP Executive Board delegate).


District 1

Jack Buckhorn

alternate vacant

Laurie Gallian, Chair*

alternate Ray Gallian

Maria Peluso, Corresponding Secretary*

alternate John Kelly


Bill Schauber

alternate Larry Leonard

Mike Smith*

alternate Beth Hadley




alternate vacant

District 2

Scott Alonso*

alternate Ken Quinto

Dale Axelrod*

alternate vacant

Blake Hooper* (ADEM10 delegate)

alternate Elizabeth Escalante

Valerie Quinto*

alternate vacant




Peggy Carr*

alternate Janice Cader-Thompson


District 3

Erin Carlstrom

alternate Victoria Fleming

Jennifer Dawes*

alternate Ron Taylor

Val Hinshaw, Second Vice Chair*

alternate Janet Reynolds, Recording Secretary


Miles Kurland (ADEM2 delegate)

alternate Joel Evans-Fudem


District 4

Rick Massell*

alternate John Broughton

Alan Ramey

alternate Julia Donoho

Sandy Reynolds

alternate Vacant

Patricia Sabo*

alternate Ola King-Claye





District 5

Kimberly Burr

alternate Lynn Hamilton

Deborah Dobish

alternate vacant


Don Frank*

alternate Joy Sterling

Cal Weeks*

alternate Rocio Rodriguez

Millie Olson

alternate vacant


Elected Officials and Ex-Officios

Stephen Gale** for Congressman Mike Thompson

Gabe Kearney for Congressman Jared Huffman

Debra Broner for Senator Mike McGuire

Logan Pitts* for Senator Bill Dodd

Carol Taylor* for Assemblywoman Cecilia Aguiar-Curry

Chris Snyder* for Assemblyman Marc Levine

Mary Watts for Assemblyman Jim Wood