Earning the endorsement of the Sonoma County Democratic Party is an important moment for those seeking an elected office locally. Our Endorsements Committee members and interview panelists spend many hours reviewing applications, interviewing candidates, and ultimately bringing recommendations to the full SCDP Central Committee for further review, deliberations and the definitive vote. These sessions are well attended, sometimes involving lengthy discussion and very close ballot counts. We only endorse candidates who are registered Democrats and align closely with our values to fulfill our mission to elect strong Democrats.

According to our Endorsement Committee Chair, “The Democratic Party’s endorsement process is the most rigorous in the County by far, supported by hundreds of pages of applications, exhibits and reports. The results speak for themselves, as Democratic-endorsed candidates in Sonoma County typically have a greater than 70% success rate at the ballot box. Receiving the Democratic endorsement is often the turning point in many campaigns. For an unknown challenger, the SCDP’s seal of approval lets voters know they can trust that a candidate supports their values. For an incumbent, it’s an indication that the office-holder’s record has matched their rhetoric. Volunteers contribute their time in the knowledge that reliable information is the essential element that makes democratic self-government a reality. Without them, our government would be less fair, less free, and ultimately, less of, by, and for the people.”

SCDP is currently accepting applications for endorsements for 2024 candidates for the March 5, 2024 Primary Election.  Offices open for election during the 2024 Primary election are the following:

  • Sonoma County Supervisor – District 1
  • Sonoma County Supervisor – District 3
  • Sonoma County Supervisor – District 5
  • Sonoma County Superior Court Judge (potentially multiple seats)

Registered Democratic candidates interested in applying for endorsement are invited to submit an application. Here are the steps involved:

Step 1: Read the California Democratic Party Platform (Required): tinyurl.com/DemsPlatform2024

Step 2: Submit your application for endorsement: tinyurl.com/SCDPEndorsementApp

Step 3: Email any files that support your application, such as a resume and any campaign materials send to: endorsements@sonomademocrats.org




Oct 27 – Nov 26, 2023 Early Endorsement – no early endorsements will be provided

Nov 14 – Dec 14, 2023 Endorsement


Jun 28 – Jul 28, 2024 Early Endorsement

Jul 16 – Aug 15, 2024 Endorsement

Aug 16 – Sept 4 Late Endorsement

Contact our Endorsement Committee Chair Endorsements@sonomademocrats.org with any questions. 

Please note: While qualified candidates may submit an endorsement application at any time during a specified endorsement window/timeline, the Sonoma County Democratic Party determines if an Early Endorsement is applicable for any open seat and/or in any election period.

For more information regarding the 2024 Primary Election on March 5, 2024, visit the Sonoma County Registrar of Voters website at vote.sonoma-county.org