Statement from California Democratic Party Acting Chair on Resignation of Eric Bauman

Statement from California Democratic Party Acting Chair on Resignation of Eric Bauman

Sacramento, CA – The following is a statement from California Democratic Party (CDP) Acting Chair/First Vice Chair Alexandra “Alex” Gallardo Rooker on the resignation of Eric Bauman as Chairman of the CDP:

“As the acting Chair of the California Democratic Party, it is my responsibility to see that we continue to investigate the allegations that led to the resignation of Eric Bauman as chair. I am also responsible for ensuring a smooth and orderly transition and election of a new Chair. 

“With respect to allegations of workplace misconduct against Mr. Bauman, the CDP’s Director of Human Resources, Amy Vrattos, contacted the CDP’s longstanding employment counsel, Shaye Schrick of Delfino, Madden, O’Malley, Coyle and Kowler LLP.

“Based on Ms. Schrick’s guidance and recommendation, Ms. Vrattos retained Debra Hinshaw Vierra of Churchwell White LLP as an independent investigator.

“Ms. Vierra is an experienced investigator; she has conducted over 250 workplace investigations and she was retained to investigate any and all complaints against Mr. Bauman. This investigation is currently underway and will continue despite Mr. Bauman’s resignation. Upon completion of her investigation, Ms. Vierra will provide her final report to outside employment counsel, Ms. Schrick. An executive summary of the findings will be released publicly, and a full report, containing appropriate anonymization and redactions of personally identifying information, will be provided to the CDP’s Executive Board.

“In addition, we are setting up a centralized hotline and e-mail account for any individual to report any claims of harassment, assault, or other misconduct he or she has experienced or witnessed. Only Ms. Vierra and her colleagues will have access to these accounts.

“With respect to the transition and succession of the Chair of the CDP in the wake of Mr. Bauman’s resignation, I will be acting Chair until a new Chair is selected by party delegates as per CDP by-laws. In the coming days, we will release a detailed statement with a clear plan for an election for Chair, likely during the May CDP Convention, as outlined by our By-Laws.

“I have no intention of seeking to be elected as Chair and will be focused on keeping the Party working on its normal day-to-day activities until a new Chair is selected. For example, as acting Chair, I am continuing to oversee the preparations for the Assembly District Election Meetings and working with the Governor-elect, Senate President pro Tem, and the Speaker of the Assembly on the transition.

“I want to reemphasize that as acting Chair my foremost concern is the safety and well-being of CDP employees and the larger Democratic community. I care deeply about all of our staff and volunteers and my heart aches to know that any may have suffered harassment or abuse. There is no place for harassment or abuse in our Party or in any workplace. As a Party, all of our officers and senior staff must be committed to ensuring that the culture of our workplace changes for the better. We can do better, and we will.”