Vote to Push Back Against Supreme Court Ruling

Vote to Push Back Against Supreme Court Ruling

The decision by the Supreme Court to overturn Roe v. Wade has stricken the Sonoma County Democratic Party’s members to our very core. This decision clearly propels reproductive rights back decades in the 26 states that abortion is now outlawed. Further, the access to healthcare for millions of Americans has been striped away by this decision that is rooted in an ultra-conservative agenda while the majority of our country supports an individual’s right to choose safe and legal abortion services.

While in California abortion will remain legal, all of us here must come together to strengthen our resources by rallying, volunteering and most especially by voting to not only CODIFY ROE in Congress but to solidify our numbers in the House and gain a true majority of representation in the Senate. With this upcoming election in November, we urge everyone to vote for democratic principles and values that protect those rights that were shamefully disregarded today and all rights that are now clearly at risk with this Supreme Court. Make no mistake that when Democrats vote, we win.


Pat Sabo

Chair, Sonoma County Democratic Party