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Our mission is to elect strong Democrats and advance policies and programs that will protect the environment, workers’ rights, civil rights, social justice, and to build an economy that creates opportunity for all. We believe that government works best when people get involved, so we work to inform the public, increase voter registration, and engage with policy-makers to advocate for democratic values. It all starts at the grassroots.

SCDP Proposes Changes to the County of Sonoma Living Wage Ordinance

The Sonoma County Democratic Party Central Committee voted in favor of the following changes to the County of Sonoma Living Wage Ordinance. See footnotes for precedent and reasoning. Include a […]

SCDP Supports Unionization of Sonoma County Airport Express Workers

WHEREAS Sonoma County Airport Express is a local airport transfer service company which transports local passengers to and from Oakland and San Francisco regional airports; and WHEREAS Sonoma County Airport Express employs […]

SCDP Seeking Central Committee Members

The Sonoma County Democratic Party is seeking to fill vacancies on its Central Committee, which provides leadership for the organization. Currently, a seat is vacant in Sonoma County Supervisorial District […]

Vote to Push Back Against Supreme Court Ruling

The decision by the Supreme Court to overturn Roe v. Wade has stricken the Sonoma County Democratic Party’s members to our very core. This decision clearly propels reproductive rights back […]

SCDP Stands With Native American Tribes Preserving Gaming Rights

CALIFORNIA DEMOCRATIC PARTY Preserving Economic Opportunity for Indian Tribes through Gaming WHEREAS since 1778, every treaty with Native American Tribes has been violated by the U.S. Government, those betrayals along with […]

SCDP Supports AB 1416 The Ballot Disclose Act

The Sonoma County Democratic Party voted to support AB 1416 The Ballot Disclose Act. This bill proposes including a short list of supporters and opponents on the ballot itself to […]

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