SCDP Recommendations on State Propositions and Local Measures

SCDP Recommendations on State Propositions and Local Measures

State Propositions on the November Ballot

Prop 14 Borrowing for STEM Cell Research: SUPPORT

Prop 15 Schools and Communities First: SUPPORT

Prop 16 Repeals Proposition 209, ending the ban on affirmative action: SUPPORT

Prop 17 Free the Vote, grants the right to vote to people on parole: SUPPORT

Prop 18 Allows 17-year olds to vote, if they turn 18 by the general election: SUPPORT

Prop 19 Property Tax Breaks and Wildfire Fund: SUPPORT

Prop 20 Tougher on parole, property crimes: OPPOSE

Prop 21 Rent Control: SUPPORT

Prop 22 Repeals AB 5, classifies ride-hail, other app-drivers as self-employed: OPPOSE

Prop 23 Regulates dialysis clinics: SUPPORT

Prop 24 Stronger consumer privacy laws: NEUTRAL

Prop 25 End Cash Bail: SUPPORT


Local Measures on the November Ballot

L  Shoreline Unified School District, Parcel Tax Renewal: SUPPORT

M Fort Ross School District, Parcel Tax Renewal: SUPPORT

N  Sebastopol Union School District, Parcel Tax Renewal: SUPPORT

O County of Sonoma, Mental Health, Addiction and Homeless Services Measure Transactions and Use Tax Ordinance: SUPPORT

P County of Sonoma, The Evelyn Cheatham Effective IOLERO Ordinance: SUPPORT

Q City of Santa Rosa, Sales Tax Extension: SUPPORT

R City of Cloverdale, Utility Users Tax Extension: SUPPORT

S City of Cotati, Transactions and Use Tax Extension: SUPPORT 

T City of Healdsburg, Transactions and Use Tax Extension: SUPPORT

U City of Petaluma, Transactions and Use Tax: NEUTRAL

V City of Sonoma, Transactions and Use (Sales) Tax Extension and
Appropriations Limit Increase: SUPPORT

W City of Sonoma, Urban Growth Boundary Extension: SUPPORT

X City of Sonoma, Cannabis Business Tax: SUPPORT

Y City of Sonoma, Personal Cannabis Cultivation Initiative: SUPPORT

Z Kenwood Fire Protection District, Appropriations Limit Extension: SUPPORT

AA Timber Cove Fire Protection District, Parcel Tax: SUPPORT

BB North Sonoma County Healthcare District, Sale Agreement: SUPPORT

CC Petaluma Health Care District, Sale Agreement: SUPPORT

DD Sonoma County Transportation Authority, Go Sonoma Act: SUPPORT