SCDP Supports Unionization of Sonoma County Airport Express Workers

SCDP Supports Unionization of Sonoma County Airport Express Workers

WHEREAS Sonoma County Airport Express is a local airport transfer service company which transports local passengers to and from Oakland and San Francisco regional airports; and

WHEREAS Sonoma County Airport Express employs bus and shuttle drivers, bus washers, fare collectors and Mechanics; and

WHEREAS a majority of Sonoma County Airport Express employees have recently signed union ‘authorization cards’ with Teamsters Local Union 665, and filed with the National Labor Relations Board to initiate the process of organizing their union; and

WHEREAS Airport Express workers are organizing with Teamsters Local 665 to gain respect, dignity and a voice in their workplace, citing arbitrary and negative changes such as management taking away almost all of their previously enjoyed benefits, denying full time hours, favoritism, a lack of a voice in important company decisions; and

WHEREAS in response to the workers’ campaign, Airport Express management has responded swiftly with an aggressive anti-union campaign, forcing workers to attend mandatory ‘captive audience’ meetings and distributing anti-union literature to employees; and

WHEREAS the California Democratic Party, in its Bylaws states that the Party supports collective bargaining and the right to organize;

NOW, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Sonoma County Democratic Party shall support and stand in solidarity with Sonoma County Airport Express workers’ campaign to organize a union with Teamsters Local 665, and urge Sonoma County Airport Express management to remain neutral in this process and respect their workers’ right to organize.

Submitted by Mark Malouf, SCDP Central Committee voted in favor July 12, 2022.