Stop the Gutting of Measure P

Stop the Gutting of Measure P

July 11, 2021

Members of the Board of Supervisors,

The Sonoma County Democratic Party calls on the Board of Supervisors to appeal the PERB ruling that would nullify substantive provisions of Measure P.

Just  seven months ago, nearly two-thirds of voters in our County voted to strengthen civilian oversight of the Sheriff’s Office. We cannot stand by and let this measure be gutted.

As you know, we have consistently held that strengthening IOLERO’s role will enhance community trust in law enforcement at a time when public scrutiny is mandating civilian oversight.

We urge you to honor the will of Sonoma County voters by appealing this ruling to the California First District Court of Appeals. 

The voters have spoken. Now let the courts decide.


Pat Sabo, Chair

Sonoma County Democratic Party