Get Ready to Vote By Mail

Get Ready to Vote By Mail

The time is finally here! In the coming weeks, we will have the chance to make our voices heard across our state and country.

In California, all registered voters will be sent a vote-by-mail ballot for the November 3rd General Election. If you’ve previously registered to vote, you do not have to apply for a vote-by-mail ballot for this election.

But there are a few critical steps for you to take to make absolutely sure that you are all set to vote before November!

Step 1: Check your voter registration status

Moved in the last few years? Changed your name? Haven’t voted in a while? Just want to be super sure that your voice will be heard this election?

Then take 30 seconds to check your voter registration status.

This first step is the most important. Get it done today.

Step 2: Track your ballot

Once you’ve confirmed your registration, sign up to track your ballot. Go to BallotTrax for extra reassurance on when your vote-by-mail materials will be delivered to your home. Then track their journey to the registrar after dropping your ballot in the mail.

Step 3: Vote from anywhere!

Now that you’re voting by mail, gone are the days of waiting in line at the local school cafeteria! Voting from anywhere means having plenty of time to study a long ballot and fill it out without being in a rush. Here’s a quick tutorial on how to send back your vote by mail ballot–a good refresher for even the most experienced voters.

And then, when you’re done, you’re free to do just about whatever you want to do next! See for yourself…