From Ashes to New Beginnings

Words cannot convey the appreciation we feel towards our first responders. Our hearts break for our local responders who lost their homes while fighting to protect others. Several days into the firestorms, our hope was restored as firefighters from across our nation, Canada, and Australia sent reinforcements. We ask you to forgive those lost souls who are directing their misplaced anger at you during this traumatic time. We all process grief differently.  Thank you for serving our community.

As evacuation orders are lifted, many of us are preparing to re-enter our neighborhoods to assess whether we have a home, and if so, begin the process of clean-up.

For those who have suffered loss from the fires please use the resources available to you. The Local Assistance Center (LAC) is in downtown Santa Rosa (Press Democrat building at 427 Mendocino Ave) with the hours of 10am-5pm. They can help you begin again. County Mental Health Services will have emotional support services available.

Those re-entering neighborhoods please heed the warnings. Hazardous conditions and chemicals can still harm you please wear protective clothing, closed toe-shoes, long-sleeved shirts, and long pants. Re-Entry kits with safety instructions and debris disposal information is being provided to residents at re-entry points. Safety Tips from PG&E

Rebuilding our community will not be fast or easy. That has never stopped us before. We are all in this together.

How to help

Time Donations

Volunteers will still be needed for several weeks, please consider donating your time.

Red Cross (register online)

Redwood Empire Food Bank (call 707-523-7900)

Volunteer Center of Sonoma County

Monetary Donations

Please consider supporting one of the many local resources to aid victims of the wildfires.

Redwood Credit Union fund for fire victims “2017 North Bay Fire Relief” in partnership with Senator Mike McGuire and The Press Democrat. Or mail your donation to PO Box 6104, Santa Rosa, CA 95406. Make checks payable to RCU Community Fund with memo 2017 North Bay Fire Relief.

The Salvation Army

United Way Wine Country

Go Fund a Hero – For Firefighters who have lost their homes

North Bay & Napa/Solano Labor Council Disaster Relief Fund

Latino Community Fund Northern California Wildfire Relief

Sonoma County Humane Society

Volunteers of America Santa Rosa Fire Relief

Sonoma County Resiliency Fund

Sonoma Valley Fire Support

We Are One Community

With over 70,000 acres burned, countless businesses and home destroyed, our community is devastated and grieving. The fires that blazed through our communities did not discriminate between rich or poor, Democrat or Republican, resident or visitor. We hurt together, and together we will rebuild.

Many of our Sonoma County Democratic Party members were evacuated from their homes and are waiting to find out if they have a home left. Some of us, are on the edges of evacuation zones ready to leave at a moment’s notice. Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone impacted by these fires.

Be safe and stay out of evacuated areas for your own safety and that of emergency personnel. Do not fly drones. Air support for battling the fires will be grounded if drones are spotted.

Where to find fire updates


CalFire: Ready for Wildfire

Santa Rosa Public Information Line: 707-543-4511 (for TDD call 707-543-4536)

County of Sonoma EOC Hotline: 707-565-3556 or call 2-1-1

Sonoma County Fire Information: Go to or text 888777 with your zip code.

Confirmed Evacuation Areas

Help for displaced

Register with “Safe and Well” or on the Facebook page of the crisis response for the fire(s) near you.

Evacuation Shelter Info at the City of Santa Rosa.  The list is updated regularly based on available space.

Large Animal Evacuation: Santa Rosa Fairgrounds, Sonoma-Marin Fairgrounds (Petaluma), and Sebastopol Grange

WiFi is being offered from Comcast (login as “Guest”). Sonic is sheltering victims in their office and have postponed services. AT&T has issued a statement saying no overage charges for those in affected areas.

KSRO radio 1350AM or 103.5FM also has live updates.

Sonoma County Road and Traffic Info


Below are some ways to help.

Redwood Empire Food Bank is accepting donations of food (ready-to-eat and non-perishable) or monetary. Delivery of food items at 3990 Brickway Bldv, Santa Rosa.

Most of the Santa Rosa donations are being handled through Salvation Army for cleaning and sorting before distribution.  Salvation Army, 93 Stony Circle, Unit D, Santa Rosa, CA 95401.

Items needed at evacuation shelters: blankets, pillows, sleeping bags, sleeping pads, cots, ibuprofen, tylenol, bandaids, gloves, cold packs, eye drops, diapers, feminine products, baby formula, toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, aluminum foil, 1 gallon plastic bags, ziplock bags, pet supplies (dog food, cat food, leashes, cages), tea, lotion, cough drops, chapstick, cell phone chargers, shoes, and socks.


Red Cross or call 707-577-7600.

Redwood Empire Food Bank volunteers needed to sort produce, bread and other essential items for evacuation centers. Location: 3990 Brickway Blvd, Santa Rosa or call 707-523-7900

Monetary Donations

Redwood Credit Union fund for fire victims “2017 North Bay Fire Relief” in partnership with Senator Mike McGuire and The Press Democrat. Or mail your donation to PO Box 6104, Santa Rosa, CA 95406. Make checks payable to RCU Community Fund with memo 2017 North Bay Fire Relief.

The Salvation Army

United Way Wine Country

Go Fund a Hero – For Firefighters who have lost their homes

North Bay & Napa/Solano Labor Council Disaster Relief Fund

Latino Community Fund Northern California Wildfire Relief

Sonoma County Humane Society

Volunteers of America Santa Rosa Fire Relief

Sonoma County Resiliency Fund

Sonoma Valley Fire Support

Many benefits will be held for the fire victims, and below are a few already scheduled.

Sunday, October 15th the North Bay Fire Relief Fundraiser Event & Drive Up Donations



Be Safe.

Puerto Rico Relief

Puerto Rico has been devastated by Hurricane Maria, and reports from the ground grow worse every day. It has rapidly become a humanitarian crises with food and medical supplies quickly depleting. Most of the island will remain without power for months, forcing everyone (businesses, hospitals, residents) to rely upon generators.

Our fellow Americans need our help now. As a U.S. Territory, Puerto Rico is American soil and residents are American citizens. Eight days to waive the Jones Act to enable much needed supplies to arrive by ship is an outrage to all Americans.

Please consider showing our nation’s leader that we as Democrats support our brothers and sisters in Puerto Rico by donating to one of these relief organizations.

United for Puerto Rico

Hurricane Maria Community Recovery Fund

Direct Relief

As Democrats, we believe in helping the most vulnerable of society. A natural disaster does not discriminate based on age, sex, race, gender, or class. All Puerto Ricans need our aid.

BBQ Appreciation

Thank you to everyone who supported our 11th Annual BBQ

It was a fabulous event with a great turnout.

Special thanks to Lt Governor Gavin Newsom for stopping by.

Lt Gov Gain Newsom with band

Lt Gov. Gavin Newsom took some time to jam with the band at our 11th Annual BBQ.

Our local elected officials also made appearances including Senator Mike McGuire, Assemblymember Jim Wood, Supervisor Susan Gorin, Supervisor James Gore. Thank you for remembering the grassroots.

Assemblymember Jim Wood, Lt Gov Gavin Newsom, Jeff Parr

Assembymember Jim Wood, Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsome, and Jeff Parr at the 11th Annual BBQ.

Ed Sheffield, SRCS and Supervisor James Gore

Santa Rosa City School Board member Ed Sheffield and Sonoma County Supervisor James Gore at our 11th Annual BBQ.

Supervisor Susan Gorin

Supervisor Susan Gorin chatting at our 11th Annual BBQ

For more BBQ photos please visit our Facebook album.

11th Annual BBQ

Sonoma County Democratic Party

11th Annual BBQ

Saturday, August 26, 2017


Gazebo in Howarth Park

600, Summerfield Drive, Santa Rosa

Sonoma County Democratic Party kicking donkey logo for BBQ

Please join the Sonoma County Democratic Party at our 11th Annual BBQ.

As always there will be good food, good conversation, and great opportunities to chat with local elected officials and candidates. Vegetarian options are available.

Tickets are $15 each or $40 for a Family Pack (2 adults and 2+ children)


$75 Fire Starter (2 tickets)

$125 Burning Embers (4 tickets)

$250 Red Hot Coals

$500 Sizzling Hot

$1,000 Flaming Hot

NOTE: Act Blue CANNOT accept donations from unions, state, and local candidates. They may donate by mail at: SCDP ~ PO 3727 ~ Santa Rosa, CA 95402-3727

Positions on State Legislation

At the June 2017 meeting, the Sonoma County Democratic Party voted to adopt the following positions on current legislation before the California State Legislature.

Support AB 14: Political Reform Act of 1974: campaign disclosures (aka Disclose Act)

Support SB 651: Initiative, referendum, and recall petitions: circulators (aka Disclosure of Initiative Funding)

Support AB 1089: Local elective offices: contribution limitations

Support SB 562: Healthy California Act (aka Universal Single-Payer Health Care Coverage)

Voter Registration and Engagement Trainings

Frustrated with national politics? Ready to get involved?

We have a solution!

Please join us for a Voter Registration and Engagement Training. We are conducting training’s regularly in preparation for 2018 election season. Voter registration and engagement is critical to winning elections.

Two training’s are being held this month on July 22nd and July 25th. Register today.

CDP 2017 Convention Resolutions

California Democratic Party adopted resolutions at the State Convention in May.

Click, CDP Convention 2017 Resolutions, for a complete and printable listing of the resolutions adopted.

Election Results

Congratulations to our endorsed candidate Leah Gold on her election to the Healdsburg City Council

head shot of Leah Gold

Leah Gold


Democrats say Yes on Measure C

Democrats say Yes on Measure C

The Sonoma County Democratic Party (SCDP) and all eight Democratic Clubs in Sonoma County stand united. We all say vote YES on Measure C.

Yes on C logo

Yes on Measure C for Fair and Affordable Santa Rosa

In September 2016, the SCDP voted unanimously for the ordinance passed by the Santa Rosa City Council to enact rent stabilization and just cause eviction. In April 2017, we voted unanimously to SUPPORT MEASURE C.

The lack of affordable housing and rising homelessness are community housing crises that need immediate action. With rents increasing by over 50 percent over 5 years, the City Council took steps to ensure housing security for residents, almost half of whom are renters.

Protecting housing rights and ensuring people can afford to live where they work are crucial economic issues. Local business cannot thrive without workers to provide services or produce products. Without affordable housing or security in rental costs, workers will be forced to relocate. Housing takes time to construct. Rent stabilization is a necessary immediate action that will help protect a healthy local economy.

On May 9, 2017, the Press Democrat published an article about apartments with the median of $2,500/month (2 bedroom). That is a $360 increase from $2,140 median rents noted in a Feb 21, 2017, PD article. At the current California minimum wage of $10.50/hour, a worker makes only $1,820/month. A family of four with two working parents at minimum wage will have $1,140/month for other expenses.  This family’s rent alone takes up 68 percent of their gross pay, well above the recommended 30 percent. Forty-seven (47) percent of Santa Rosa residents fall into the category of “overpaying households.” At a 1 percent vacancy rate, renters are left with scant options to find and secure an available rental.

With a large percentage of income dedicated to housing, families and workers are not able to fully provide for themselves let alone support a healthy economy. Local businesses will see fewer and fewer paying customers, which leads to failing businesses and joblessness. Measure C is a stopgap on this cycle. Rent stabilization ensures workers and families can remain in their homes, keeps students in school, and supports local business in customer retention.

We need protections today, like Measure C, while we work toward longer term solutions on affordable housing to build a healthier and more sustainable economy.

Do not be misled or confused by mailings paid for by the California Association of Realtors and Woodmont Real Estate using FPPC I.D. 1395025.  They are not authorized to speak for the Democratic Party.  Their misleading mailing that may have arrived in your mail box recently is alternative news of the worst kind.

Join the Sonoma County Democratic Party in voting YES on Measure C for a fair and affordable Santa Rosa.